PREACHER AS PROPHET: "A surrendered identity is...more deadly than lost identity...[because] you intentionally relinquish who you are, and you voluntarily sell out God's divine ministry." --Prathia Hall
PREACHER AS SAGE: "Who is it that is supposed to articulate the longings and aspirations of the people more than the preacher?" --Martin L. King, Jr.
PREACHER AS PRIEST: "Surrender your inner consent to God--this is your sovereign right--this is your birthright privilege." --Howard Thurman
"Congregations are more passive, expecting to be entertained rather than reenact the gospel in their daily lives..." -Kenyatta R. Gilbert
“This book immerses readers in a sophisticated, multi-voiced soundtrack. Kenyatta Gilbert persuasively calls for ministers to preach in three voices—prophet, priest, and sage."