Reverend Liz Walker: If we lose sight of love, we have lost sight of preaching

Posted on September 28, 2014 by Kenyatta Gilbert

The Reverend Liz Walker Roxbury Presbyterian Church, Senior Pastor

In her sermon A Love Letter to God, preacher-sage Rev. Liz Walker makes two important theological claims that should ground every preacher’s preaching life.


          Sermon: A Love Letter to God

               Liz Walker: My Story

1.  One must first be rooted in the Word, and then from that foundation one can hear and see God in others and one’s natural environment.  God speaks to God’s human creation through whomever, whatever, wherever, and however God chooses.  But to hear clearly, one must first be rooted in God’s Word.

2.  God’s love cannot be diminished even if we’ve not been good, and that love is for us even if we feel worthless.