Black Lives Still Matter – Rev. Dr. Lora Hargrove

Posted on February 14, 2015 by Kenyatta Gilbert

Some sermons just stay with you.   Rev. Dr. Lora Hargrove’s Advent 2014 sermon “Unspeakable Joy” is such a sermon.  It continues to play in my homiletical imagination.

Take the time to read her manuscript and be inspired.

Sermon – UNSPEAKABLE JOY-1-Lora Hargrove

Sermon Analysis-Lora Hargrove

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Compelling quote:

“…while we love our President, and we do, and while we pray for our President, and we do, some of us sometimes forget that our President is still the government and not God and so, therefore, we need to be able to speak truth to power, even if that power is in the face of a black man sitting in the Oval Office. We thank God for God placing him there, but we are at a point in time in our history where we need to be able to pull off the rose-colored glasses and see our situation for exactly what it is.

His hands are bound in so many ways, but our hands are not. His mouth is bound because of the office that he sits in, but our mouths are not. This is not an indictment on the man—it is an indictment on the office.”