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 The late Rev. Robert Lewis Gilbert was the first African American graduate of Baylor University, graduating with a B.A. degree in 1967. He was referred to as “Little Giant” by family members due to his small stature yet enormous heart and passion for justice. He was the first black teacher assigned to a formerly all-white public school in Waco. A well-known civil rights leader in Central Texas, Gilbert served as pastor at Carver Baptist Church–a congregation that grew over 500% under his leadership. In 1980, he was named Citizen of Texas and in 1992 he received Waco’s Outstanding Humanitarian Award. No Excuses Accepted highlights Gilbert’s journey as a courageous spiritual leader. Having struggled with a severe case of rheumatoid arthritis since the age of 14, Gilbert was known as a fighter. As he states in No Excuses Accepted, “God says, You can! God says you can do anything. There is nothing on this earth strong enough to hold you back…my life has tested the limits of God’s strength and power.”



Shy 11-year old Golden Key Protection Agency cadet Meadow Lotus Seaborn is on a top-secret mission to Rosecliff City, Eastbarrrow, where her Grandma Mabel lives. With a golden key logger and audio recorder device in her tote bag, she hurriedly leaves “The Big Apple” after an army of rival secret agents invades Manhattan. Meadow misses the big city, but once in Eastbarrow she finds herself quickly befriending Meriweather, Bella, Akime, and McKenna at the prestigious Pacific Bell Academy. Then things really get interesting when she meets her no nonsense English teacher Mr. Chanthavong. All she knows is that there’s something very strange going on.

Five-year-old Fern Riverly lives an adventurous life with her venturous grandmother, Grams. However, young Fern’s life is turned upside down, when the unexpected occurs. Shocked, wistful Fern is overcome with grief, her summer changing from bright to sorrowful. Certain that this unexpected event is her fault, Fern roams toward the water to blame it for her losses. Will Fern, now eleven, realize that her life will go on, or continue to accuse the ocean for her dilemmas? Throughout your reading of this story, you will learn the past of Fern and Grams, as well as witness her present-day life.