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Are you interested in participating in

M. A. P.

(Mentor A Preacher)?


Send us an email at:   contact@the

  • Tell us something about yourself and your level of preaching experience.  As our online community grows, we will develop ways to pair ministers.
  • Share with us some of your preaching struggles (e.g.-time management, selecting texts, congregational issues, sermon development, pulpit voice, long-windedness).
  • List some of your preaching goals.
  • Let us know of your willingness to invest in the vocational development of another preacher’s life.
A Few Suggestions/Tips on Mutually Beneficial Mentoring
  • Have an honest conversation with an openness to mutual sharing.  “No preacher knows it all.  If you do, this experiment is not for you.”  Acknowledge this from the start!
  • Participate in an email exchange or some other way to connect.
  • Seek out ways to tutor.   An elder might share knowledge of Scripture and cultural history; the novice may provide tips in the ways of social networking and use of the latest technologies.
  • Form and nurture a threefold prayer partnership. (Start with two, invite a third member)
  • Invite younger ministers to your pulpit to practice their craft and hone their preaching skills.