Preacher-Scholar’s Bookshelf

Recommended Works

Frank A. Thomas.  Preaching a Dangerous Sermon (2018).

Frank A. Thomas.  The Introduction to the Practice of African American Preaching (2016).

Dale P. Andrews and Robert London Smith, Eds.  Black Practical Theology (2015).

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Adam L. Bond.  The Imposing Preacher: Samuel DeWitt Proctor and Black Public Faith (2013).

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James Abbington, ed. Readings in African American Church Music and Worship, Vols. 1 & 2 (2001) and (2014).

A compilation of articles and essays written by musicians and theologians on the most recent and developing trends in the worship and music of African Americans. Part III of the volume focuses on preaching. Featured essayists in this section include: Frank Thomas, Ruthyln Bradshaw, Stephanie Y. Mitchem, Kenyatta R. Gilbert, Luke A. Powery, Marvin McMickle, and Cleo J. LaRue.

Genna Rae McNeil, Houston Bryan Roberson, Quinton Hosford Dixie, and Kevin McGruder, Witness: Two Hundred Years of African-American Faith and Practice at the Abyssinian Baptist Church of Harlem, New York (2014).

This magisterial history of an historic African American congregation features in remarkable detail the pastoral biographies of its pastors: Sampson White; Adam Clayton Powell; Sr. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.; Samuel DeWitt Proctor; and Calvin O. Butts.

Raphael G. Warnock, The Divided Mind of the Black Church (2014).

The author argues that the Black Church has a “divided mind” because of its abandonment of its venerable legacy of radical protest and revivalistic piety.

Brian K. Blount, Invasion of the Dead: Preaching Resurrection (2014).

This is the published volume of New Testament scholar Brian Blount’s 2011 Lyman Beecher Lectures on preaching. This insightful, scholarly resource encourages preachers to proclaim resurrection in a deathly world.

Ronald J. Allen, Dale P. Andrews, and Dawn Ottoni-Wilhelm, eds., Preaching God’s Transforming Justice: A Lectionary Commentary, Year A, B, C. (2011); (2012); (2013).

A multi-volume lectionary commentary resource for preaching on issues of justice, freedom, and peace. This work contains a plethora of theological and biblical insights from essays written by respected biblical and theological scholars and pastors.

Marvin McMickle, Shaping the Claim (2008).

The author argues that no sermon is complete unless it addresses the questions, “What?,” “So what?, and “Now what?”

Teresa Fry-Brown, Delivering the Sermon (2008).

A concise volume on speech performance; an important resource for both novice and experienced preachers about how to more effectively communicate the gospel using voice, body, and animation.

Luke Powery, em>Dem Dry Bones: Preaching, Death, and Hope (2012).

In this work the author argues that preaching hope is inadequate without taking death seriously. African American spirituals, theology, ethnomusicology, and biblical studies are the primary sources used to cast a pneumatological vision for homiletics.

_____________. Spirit Speech (2009).

This homiletical resource contends that our ground of knowing about the manifestation of the Spirit in preaching is found in communal spaces where grace, unity, and fellowship are seen and felt and expressions of lament and celebration are voiced.

Martha Simmons/Frank Thomas, eds. Preaching with Sacred Fire (2010).

A landmark anthology of African American sermons from the mid-18th century to the present. Also featured in this volume are must-read essays on some of the most salient historical and cultural elements that have influenced and shaped African American religious practice.

 Howard Thurman.  The Living Wisdom of Howard Thurman:  A Visionary For Our Time (2010).

Six CD collection of more than seven hours recordings from Dr. Thurman’s most inspiring broadcasts, sermons, and prayers.