Gilbert Sermons

Sermon:  People of the Lie

Luke 11: 37-54

“Acceptable service to God requires that we exercise hospitality, stand against systems, structures, and evil forces that devalue human life, and courageously live up to God’s expectations instead of being ruled by the expectation of others.”

Sermon preached at Howard University School of Divinity, Howard Thurman Chapel, Washington, DC

Sermon:  How Shall We Live?

Luke 11:1-13

“God’s gift of real presence in a world bereft of compassion, empathy, and regard for neighbor, is the site of God’s kingdom at hand. By praying as Jesus instructed his disciples, we find a God who answers meeting our needs.”

Sermon preached at Duke University Chapel, Durham, NC

Sermon:  The Buoyancy of Hope

Genesis 15: 1-6

“God’s promise to guide us into a promised future is reliable in the face of difficulty and anxieties about life.”

Sermon preached at Harvard Memorial Church, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Sermon:  We Have This Ministry

Romans 4:18-5:5

“When we share our pain and difficult life experiences with God and others, we can be assured that our theological preparations for ministry will be life changing and consequential.”

Sermon manuscript featured in Journey and Promise, p. 101


Sermon:  We Are We’s First

Translation:  “We Belong to God and Community”

John 11:17-39


“We live in a world of death-dealing circumstances that call us into spaces of lament, and which, for the hopeful, seem not to avail any tangible resources for sustaining our lives and confronting the fear of that last enemy to be defeated--death itself. When we recognize that our ultimate hope is in God, we can entrust our lives to Jesus knowing that his power overcomes the most perplexing of circumstance [italics mine].”

–Sermon manuscript featured in Journey and Promise, p.94-99.

Sermon:  The Courage to Move Out

Deuteronomy 1:6-8

Gilbert Sermon \”The Courage to Move Out\” Pt.1

Gilbert Sermon \\\”The Courage to Move Out\\\” Pt.2

Sermon: The Commitment to Carry On

Deuteronomy 1: 6-8

Gilbert Sermon Clip \”The Commitment to Carry On\”

Sermon:  The Head and Heart of the Shepherd

1 Samuel  17: 41

Gilbert Sermon \”The Head and Heart of the Shepherd\” Pt. 1

Gilbert Sermon \”The Head and Heart of the Shepherd\” Pt. 2

Sermon:  A Faithful Ministry

Acts 16: 6

Sermon preached in 2010 at Beloved Community Church, Ft. Washington, MD