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Black Lives Still Matter – Rev. Dr. Lora Hargrove

Posted on 02/14/15 by Kenyatta Gilbert

Some sermons just stay with you.   Rev. Dr. Lora Hargrove’s Advent 2014 sermon “Unspeakable Joy” is such a sermon.  It continues to play in my homiletical imagination. Take the time to read her manuscript and be inspired. Sermon – UNSPEAKABLE JOY-1-Lora Hargrove Sermon Analysis-Lora Hargrove               Compelling quote: […]

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Reverend Liz Walker: If we lose sight of love, we have lost sight of preaching

Posted on 09/28/14 by Kenyatta Gilbert

In her sermon “A Love Letter to God,“ preacher-sage Rev. Liz Walker makes two important theological claims that should ground every preacher’s preaching life.                           Sermon: A Love Letter to God                Liz Walker: My Story 1.  One must first […]

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