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“Outwitting Quicksand” – Diction, Doctrine, and Delivery

Posted on 09/13/16 by Kenyatta Gilbert

Context:  Truett Seminary Chapel, Baylor University, Waco, Texas “Outwitting Quicksand” Colossians 2:5-12 Quote: “In order to outwit quicksand, we must stand on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ…and it starts with UNITY.” Classic performative homiletical marks to note:  title succinctness, allusion, storied narration (country western movies),  image development and repetition for idea reinforcement (quicksand), analogy (human predicament […]

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Raquel S. Lettsome, Ph.D. – “Not Today”

Posted on 08/21/16 by Kenyatta Gilbert

  Sermon (begins at 28:00) Luke 13:10-17 “At some point, our own Christ-centered convictions ought to be strong enough to spur us to see beyond ourselves…to see others.”  

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