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Professorial Lecture: Decolonizing the Homiletical Mind

Posted on 04/29/19 by Kenyatta Gilbert

“Christian beliefs and practices declared normative today, though taken for granted, do not take rise out of thin air but are culturally-conditioned.”

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Meeting House w/Dwight Moody Interview: Social Justice Preaching

Posted on 01/13/19 by Kenyatta Gilbert

The Preaching Project Remembers Dr. Katie Geneva Cannon

Posted on 08/12/18 by Kenyatta Gilbert

                            Message:  “Prophets of a New Day” Scripture:  1 Kings 13:29-30 “How do we become prophets for a new day?  First, we need to take spiritual inventory.  Each of us needs to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life […]

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Book Review: Introduction to the Practice of African American Preaching

Posted on 02/03/18 by Kenyatta Gilbert

Dr. Kenyatta R. Gilbert Book Review Introduction to the Practice African American Preaching. By Frank A. Thomas. Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2016. Frank Thomas is a meticulous archivist of a preaching tradition that has earned its day in the sun. Introduction to the Practice of African American Preaching takes the reader on a bus tour into […]

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HIDDEN FIGURES: How Black Women Preachers Spoke Truth to Power

Posted on 02/24/17 by Kenyatta Gilbert

    Hidden figures: How black women preachers spoke truth to power Kenyatta R. Gilbert, Howard University Each semester I greet the students who file into my preaching class at Howard University with a standard talk. The talk is not an overview of the basics – techniques of sermon preparation or sermon delivery, as one […]

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Evangelical Preachers – Be Clear About What You Believe!

Posted on 02/03/17 by Kenyatta Gilbert

Why?   Because the world is looking  AT  and  TO  you. Preachers, we would do well to take a moment to test the veracity of our faith claims. Invoking the timely wisdom of Frederick Douglass, Rev. Dr. William Barber’s OpEd piece challenges us all to rethink our PIETY and perspective on PRAYER.   A MUST […]

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What Shaped Martin L. King’s Prophetic Vision?

Posted on 01/16/17 by Kenyatta Gilbert

Honoring the Life, Legacy, and Vision of Rev. Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. “Indeed, King’s prophetic vision ultimately invited his martyrdom. But through the prophetic preaching tradition already well established by his time, King brought people of every tribe, class and creed closer toward forming “God’s beloved community”-an anchor of love and hope for humankind.” […]

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Gilbert – Religion Dispatches Interview: A History of Prophetic Black Preaching

Posted on 08/27/16 by Kenyatta Gilbert

    READ INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT: A History of Prophetic Black Preaching That Doesn’t Start or End With King

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Raquel S. Lettsome, Ph.D. – “Not Today”

Posted on 08/21/16 by Kenyatta Gilbert

  Sermon (begins at 28:00) Luke 13:10-17 “At some point, our own Christ-centered convictions ought to be strong enough to spur us to see beyond ourselves…to see others.”  

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The Imposing Preacher: Samuel DeWitt Proctor

Posted on 05/17/16 by Kenyatta Gilbert

THE IMPOSING PREACHER:  SAMUEL DEWITT PROCTOR AND BLACK PUBLIC FAITH (Fortress Press, 2013) BUY THE BOOK Gilbert’s   BOOK REVIEW   Contact: albond@vuu.edu  Phone:  806.354.8206              

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